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The celebration of Holi is the celebration of ultimate triumph of 'good' over 'evil'.  While, a feast of colours associated with the Holi, is the face of this celebration, the original reason of celebrating Holi, lies in its soul. 

The legend goes that once there was a demon king named Hiranyakashipu who powered by a boon that no man or animal nor any God can kill him, ordered everybody in his kingdom to worship him, instead of God.  However, Hiranyakashipu’s young son, Prahalad, who was an ardent devotee of Vishnu, continued to worship Him.  So Hiranyakashipu planned to burn Prahalad to death and asked the favour of his sister Holika who, because of a boon, was immune to fire.  A pyre was lit up and Holika sat on it, clutching Prahalad.  Yet, at the end Prahalad emerged unscathed by the fire, and Holika was burned to ashes.  Thus was the triumph of Prahlad, the representative of good and the defeat of Holika, the representative of evil.  This legend is relived even today on the Holi-eve.  People light up huge bonfires every year on the eve of the full moon night of the Holi to burn the spirit of the evils. 


Now, let us look into the face as to how Holi assumed a colourful face.  It is linked to the legend of Krishna, the king of the ancient city of Dwarka, who is said to have popularised the tradition of Holi.  In his boyhood Krishna used to play pranks with his boyhood mates of Gokul and Vrindavan, by drenching the village girls, with water and colours.  At first it offended the girls but since they were so fond of Krishna, their anger soon melted away.  It did not take long to make it a popular sport in the village.  The same tradition has transpired through the ages, turning it into a community festival of the masses.  As time kept flowing, the culture spread roots to other regions of the country.  The Holi play of Krishna is documented in hundreds of ancient paintings, murals, sculptures and scriptures found across the subcontinent.

Make Holi more colourful for your loved ones by sending attractive Gifts to India like Chocolates, Gift Vouchers, Gift Hampers and lots more through  Make their festival a more joyous one. 

Customers please note that since we courier all our Non-Perishable Goods from our Head Office directly to the recipient, kindly allow us 3 to 4 Working Days for the Same.

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  Gift Hampers
  10 Gerberas
Tasty Delectables Platter
Rs.1499 / $ 20.26
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Cookies, Ferrero & Flowers
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Cake, Teddy & Chocolates
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Teddy, Ferrero Rocher & Cake
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Bluetooth And Shirt Combo
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24 Red Roses and Rocher
Rs.3609 / $ 48.77
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  10 Gerberas
Dairy Milk Choco Treat
Rs.549 / $ 7.42
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Thanks for responding quick to my enquiry. I appreciate the Gifts quality, your service and delivery on the same day.                             --- Shweta
It was pretty decent saving man, on the combo of your 12 roses heart beat and the cake. Coooooool.
:: H. Gupta, Sydney, Australia

I thankyou for your prompt delivery. I promise to use your service for sending gifts whenever required.
Thanks & regards,
:: Alex Bravy, Chicago, USA

Thank you so much!!
Your site was very helpful and ur service is excellent
:: Jamila Delhiwala, Bangladesh

Excellent service - Gifts arrived in perfect shape.                


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